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The Magical Place called Zihuatanejo

Located over the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, Zihuatanejo is one of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations. With gorgeous sunsets, flavor, and warmth, it’s a unique setting with fresh breeze, many beautiful beaches in the area, (including the most popular La Ropa Beach), and surrounded by the magnificent Sierra Madre.

Stunning “Zihua” is a very surprising Mexican town that has evolved with time, from a lazy fishing village, to a captivating place with magical charm. Zihuatanejo still has and will always keep the enchantment of being just a bit undiscovered. Once people come, they ALWAYS come back.

Although genuinely romantic, it’s definitely not just for Weddings and Honeymoons. It’s a fabulous place to re-kindle all of your relationships, celebrate anniversaries, getaways, or simply enjoy a great family vacation. Whether you are 25 or 70, you will FEEL younger than ever. It awakens pleasing memories and creates fantastic new ones!

Wonderful restaurants with delicious food are located at the bottom of the La Ropa Rd., as well as downtown Zihua (about 5 minute drive away), with everything from the authentic Mexican dishes to seafood, chicken, steaks, and of course delicious drinks, and live music to enjoy at local clubs. 

For your convenience, there is a Super Store (Comercial Mexicana) 5 minutes away by cab, for any last minute needs, food, liquor, beach stuff, etc.

One thing for sure, Zihuatanejo will make you forget about the pressures of your daily life, because your entire being is relaxed here in Paradise...