The most popular beach, La Ropa, is the closest one to us.  It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Grande.  Swimming, water activities and fabulous restaurants – all here! Las Gatas, La Madera, and many more beaches are close by.   Please click below for more details on each beach...

Ixtapa represents the sophistication of a larger tourist destination.  Located about 4 miles North, it can be reached by taxi for a minimal amount.   (See FAQs for taxi rates).

Fishing, spas, massages, diving, tennis, golf, and more are all available.  Many gift shops here, however you will pay much more for the same thing in Zihuatanejo!  Here’s the link to check out:

Nearby - Ixtapa - 4 Miles Away
side Trips

Although many come to “Zihua”, to rest and relax, there are always the “restless” ones, those who always want to be on the go, and in the center of action.  No problem here. Also Drivers available for Historic views, so you can just relax and enjoy!

Surfing beach more for you?  Just a 40 minute ride to Troncones Beach, please click   Surfboards and all supplies can be provided to catch that BIG wave.

Want a nice a day trip? Perhaps Barra de Potosi, to the immediate South is the place for you.  You can rent kayaks in the lagoon, or treat yourself to the guided tours of inland waters.  About 3 ½ hours by car for those who wish to explore here.  Please click on link for more details:

Want to venture further away?  For overnight trips, to the North, about a 3-½ hour  car drive is an artsy, quaint little Mexican town called Patzcuaro.  Filled with native crafts, decors, it’s simply a delightful authentic Mexican town experience.  Just click for more info.

Prefer a bit larger and lively?  How about Acapulco?  About 150 miles South, and a 4-hour trip on a 1st class bus, you can have the big city life, more tourism, lively clubs, and shopping.  Please see for more details.

Most visitors are so enraptured with the atmosphere and ambiance of Zihuatanejo they choose to spend most of their time near!

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